Over the past 30 years, Blättchen & Partner has successfully advised around 100 companies from all sectors in the preparation and support of their IPO. We constantly and closely monitor and analyse current trends on the stock exchange. Every 14 days, we provide an overview of the development of new issues for the current year, supplemented by equity analyses on selected topics, sectors and trends.

New issues in 2018 have developed positively this year despite a very weak stock market environment. Most of the issuers who still had a negative performance in relation to the issue price as of 31 December 2018 have now been able to provide shareholders with price gains.

  • of the new issues in 2018, the two online furniture retailers home24 and Westwing, which are part of Rocket Internet’s portfolio, now show the highest price losses. Since the beginning of the year, home24’s share price has lost another 34% and Westwing’s has lost around 47%. The price volatility of both companies is extremely high at 69% and 80% respectively.
  • the winner so far is Haier, which was still listed at a minus of 21% as of 31.12.2018 and has now been able to increase the share price by 130%
  • of the only three new issues thus far in 2019 (previous year 13), the Global Fashion Group (GFG) and the Volkswagen spin-off Traton show a negative price trend, with Traton at least performing better than the overall market (CDAX). The volatility of GFG, which originates from the Rocket Internet portfolio, is also exceptionally high, with about 50%

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