We are pleased to invite you to our very popular M&A courses in Munich this year. These courses are aimed primarily at professionals, i.e. professionals with up to three years of professional experience in all areas of M&A practice (private equity funds, companies, banks, corporate finance consultants). Here you will learn everything you need to know about the successful execution of M&A transactions – in a particularly compact form. Participants who already have experience in M&A transactions can refresh and expand their knowledge in individual areas on these courses. Experienced M&A practitioners provide you with the real, legal and economic foundations of M&A transactions. And this time, too, we were able to attract professionals from other disciplines to the interdisciplinary exchange, so that we can also offer you a rounded picture of current transaction practice in 2017. The course is divided into ten modules, which are spread over a period of three months. The modules take place on Thursdays from 5 to 8 p.m. in the Munich offices of P+P Pöllath + Partners.

MODUL 8 – Management investments
Management’s involvement in a company’s economic success is now one of the usual tools for increasing the company’s value. In addition to revenue and profit participations, the management’s participation in the company’s appreciation is of particular importance today. This is particularly pronounced in the case of acquisitions by financial investors. In the eighth module of the course, the most important current participation models are presented from a legal and tax point of view. In addition, the economic elements are explained from the perspective of the investor and the management on the basis of a practical model. Among the speakers: Prof. Dr. Alexander Götz (Blättchen & Partner).

With innovative financial strategies, Blättchen & Partner GmbH has been one of the leading corporate finance experts in Germany for more than 30 years. The Munich-based company specialises in advising on management participation programmes,IPOs, bonds, promissory note loans and the associated capital market support after the issue. Other areas of focus in the range of services are company investments and M&A transactions. More than 500 transactions are a testament to the company’s proven expertise. The growing interdisciplinary competence network, the high level of customer satisfaction and the large number of publications on important corporate finance topics reflect the recognised reputation of Blättchen & Partner GmbH.