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Publication of the European Commission “Blockchain Now And Tomorrow”
Security in Digital Transaction Processes – This study provides insights into blockchain technology to get a practical understanding of the blockchain and its possible applications… to the study “Blockchain”

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Study by the University of Saarland “Artificial Intelligence in European SMEs: Status Quo, Perspectives and What to Do Now.”
The study, funded by the Roland Berger Foundation, shows the potential of artificial intelligence for small and medium-sized enterprises, the applications already in place in the manufacturing industry and possible future scenarios.... on the study “artificial intelligence”

Intelligent Automation
Publication of Deloitte “Automation with intelligence -Reimagining the organisation in the Age of With
Intelligent Automation represents a new stage in the cooperation between man and machine. Smart automation uses AI and analytics to fundamentally transform business processes in businesses. For the current study, Deloitte surveyed companies worldwide… to the study “Intelligent Automation”