Executive Summary on new issues 2017 – 11 new issues (previous year 6) in Germany. A study by Dr. Konrad Bösl, Managing Director at Blättchen & Partner GmbH in Munich.

  • €2.6 billion placement volume (previous year: €4.9 billion)
  • Germany remains meaningless in global comparison – share of the issue volume 1.5 and number 0.7
  • 5 of the 11 issuers with a loss in the year prior to the IPO, including the two highest-selling
  • 7 New issues in the Prime Standard, 4 in scale, 1 cancellation
  • Largest IPO Delivery Hero AG with €989 million placement volume
  • Smallest IPO The NAGA Group AG with €2.6 million placement volume
  • Last quarter strongest with 5 new issues
  • 50 of the issuers placed in the top third of the bookbuilding range, 30 in the lower third of the price range
  • Average exercise rate Greenshoe 63.4 (median 92.1
  • Average subscription gain 12.1 (median 4.1
  • Year-end price 29 December: 9 of the 11 issuers with price gains and better as a total market
  • Compared to the overall market, issuers achieved an average increase of 43.1 (median 20.9)

Findings from the New Issue Year 2017

  • Global new emissions activity at 10-year high
  • New emissions activity in Germany has not been able to keep pace with global comparisons for years
  • The performance of new emissions in Germany was good and better than the overall market
  • The high proportion of capital increases in new issues shows that the IPO is primarily used to finance growth
  • Insufficient liquidity of new issues in scale due to low number of shares placed
  • Costs of the IPO on scale are far too high for small to medium-sized companies
  • The scale is not attractive to investors and issuers due to the low trading volume and high costs

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