Prof. Dr. Alexander Götz gives a lecture on management incentives.

Certificate course M&A 2016
Monday 20 – Friday 24 June 2016
Kettelerscher Hof Münster/Conference Centre of JurGrad gGmbH | Royal Road 51-53 | 48143 Munster

The course provides the basics for successfully performing M&A transactions. It is primarily based on new entrants and professionals with up to three years of professional experience in all areas of M&A practice. But even participants who already have experience with M&A transactions can deepen their knowledge in individual areas.

The practice lecturers are active in leading law firms and management consultants specialising in M&A and explain the actual, legal and economic basis of the company’s purchase in both theoretical and at the highest level in practical terms.
The course focuses on the topics “Company Valuation”, “Tax Planning”, “Due Diligence”, “Financing” and “Company Purchase Agreement”. Particular attention is also paid to the area of public takeover law: in this context,
takeover bids, forced exclusion and delisting in Germany. The “Distressed M&A” area is another focus of the course in order to shed light on the special features of the company’s purchase from insolvency, which is very common in practice. The
The topic “Management participations” rounds off the program of the course.

“Managers in M&A Transactions” speakers:

Prof. Dr. Alexander Götz (Blättchen & Partner)
Dr. Benedikt Hohaus (P+P)
Dr. Barbara Koch-Schulte (P+P)

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