Blättchen & Partner publishes SME bond book

Munich | Stuttgart, March 2012. Dr. Konrad Bösl and Peter Thilo Hasler, Board Members of Blättchen & Partner, publish the book “Medium-sized Bonds – A Guide to Practice” at the renowned Springer Gabler-Verlag. As one of Germany’s leading emissions consultants, Blättchen & Partner has won over nearly two dozen well-known capital market experts for its book project.

For a long time, German small and medium-sized enterprises were barred from entering the capital market through the issuance of a bond. Only a small group of selected branded companies were able to place bonds with a volume of less than € 100 million through their own mission. In the wake of the financial market crisis and credit crunch, germany has established its own segments on almost all stock exchanges, offering capital-seeking, medium-sized companies an alternative to house bank credit. The book “Medium-sized Bonds – A Guide to Practice” deals with issues of issuer issues from the perspective of issuers, banks, investors, advisers and the media. The instruments and basic relationships of a bond issue are presented, analysed and explained in a simple and comprehensible manner.

Konrad Bösl, Peter Thilo Hasler (eds.): SME Bonds – A Guide to Practice
Publisher: Springer Gabler
ISBN: 978-3-8349-3398-0, 326 pages, 49.95 Euro
Publisher link:

Voices on the book

“Nearly two dozen financial experts give the reader the guidance they need to quickly find out about all issues of a medium-sized bond. The guide is particularly recommendable because it is competent, practical and well-written.”
Frank Gerstenschläger, Member of the Board of Management of Deutsche Börse AG

… finally a guide for the “engine of Germany” – for small and medium-sized enterprises, for all bond-interested people and for the financial market specialists, who will surely have to dedicate themselves to this topic in the future… – Predicate: Meaningful! … Mick Knauff / DAF- N24 Stock Exchange Correspondent

“(…).. I think this development is very welcome, as sME bonds are an interesting investment opportunity for private investors and an attractive alternative to bank credit for medium-sized companies. The book “Medium-sized Bonds – A Guide to Practice” presents this source of funding to interested readers in a comprehensible and illustrative way. The guide can be a valuable guide for small and medium-sized enterprises wishing to pursue new financing channels.”

Martin Zeil, Bavarian Minister of State for Economic Affairs, Infrastructure, Transport and Technology

About Blättchen & Partner

With its innovative financial strategies, Blättchen & Partner has been one of the leading corporate finance experts for more than 25 years. With offices in Munich and Stuttgart, the company specializes in advising on IPOs, bond issues, corporate investments and M&A transactions, as well as management participation programs and commercial corporate management. More than 300 transactions are a testament to the company’s proven expertise. The growing interdisciplinary competence network, the high level of customer satisfaction and the large number of publications on important financing issues reflect the recognised reputation of Blättchen & Partner.

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