Neu­emis­sio­nen 2020

Daten – Fak­ten – Trends, Stu­die zu den Neu­emis­sio­nen 2020 von Dr. Kon­rad Bösl und

Stu­dy: Rocket Inter­net — IPOs at the expen­se of inves­tors

The busi­ness model of Rocket Inter­net is to found inter­net-based start-ups or to par­ti­ci­pa­te in such ven­tures, to sup­port them in many ways and to take them public after a few years. Rocket Inter­net has ear­ned a lot of money from this in the past years and inves­tors have lost a lot. Three issu­ers of the last three years brought the inves­tors a loss of assets of more than 1.4 bil­li­on €. The share­hol­ders of Rocket Inter­net are not doing any bet­ter — the share pri­ce has fal­len by about 43% com­pa­red to the issue pri­ce. The pro­spects for Rocket Inter­net are poor: the qua­li­ty of the cur­rent port­fo­lio means that no fur­ther IPOs can be expec­ted, at least in Ger­ma­ny, in the medi­um term. Perhaps the real rea­son for the plan games to with­draw from the stock mar­ket.

Cri­ti­cal Review of New IPOs 2017

Exe­cu­ti­ve Sum­ma­ry on new issu­es 2017 — 11 new issu­es (pre­vious year 6) in Ger­ma­ny. A stu­dy by Dr. Kon­rad Bösl, Mana­ging Direc­tor at Blätt­chen & Part­ner GmbH in Munich.